Leal ▪ Trejo has expertise in federal and state Superfund law (CERCLA), ground water remediation & treatment, and statutory water law.  Our specialized attorneys help our clients craft water regulations that are comprehensive and best serve the water needs of their constituents.

We frequently advise public agency and private clients on all aspects regarding allocation of scare water supplies.  Our attorney’s aid in the acquisition, development and maintenance of surface and ground water rights as well as navigating issues related to regional management of water supplies and water transfers.

At Leal ▪ Trejo, APC, our mission is to be an aggressive law firm with a client-centric focus. Having represented a variety of public agencies for over a decade, Leal ▪ Trejo, APC, is experienced in handling all matters regarding education and municipal law.

Whether it is reviewing an entire water district’s budget or negotiating with unions, the attorneys at Leal ▪ Trejo, APC, are prepared to take on the most challenging assignments and deliver. Our experienced, dedicated attorneys are problem solvers as well as team players. All of the Firm’s attorneys have extensive, relevant experience in the representation of public agencies.

Our Firm prides itself with meeting all daily needs of a water district including but not limited to:

  1. Attendance at Board meetings advising Directors and staff on all matters related to the same;
  2. Providing regulatory and legal compliance advice for the District;
  3. Examining legal matters and advising and providing counsel to the Water Districts and Directors in relation to the same. Our firm prides itself on its relationships with our clients’ staff and realizes that advising our clients in relationship to daily legal inquiries and potential litigation is a relationship of trust which we value greatly.
  4. Serving as the Water District’s agent in various negotiations and representative matters. Leal ▪ Trejo strives to represent not only the legal positions of our clients, but the values and concerns of our clients.
  5. Representation of the District in administrative and legal proceedings. As a full service law firm, our attorneys are well versed in various forms of administrative hearings, and a wide breadth of potential legal proceedings including all of the areas listed in the Water District’s RFP.


As a matter of necessity, members of the Firm are thoroughly versed in all matters related to the Ralph M. Brown Act and the compliance requirements for water districts. Our attorneys routinely advise clients on Brown Act compliance and agenda requirements. Moreover, our attorneys hold board member trainings for clients whenever necessary.


Leal ▪ Trejo renders advice to public officials regarding potential and actual conflicts of interest. In addition, we are experienced in matters related to the Political Reform Act and regulations promulgated by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).


The firm has extensive experience in employment matters, including public sector labor negotiations, the defense of wrongful termination, sexual harassment and discrimination actions, as well as wage and hour claims and the preparation and review of personnel policies and employee handbooks. We also provide in-service training for management and employees in avoiding sexual harassment and provide advice and counsel on ongoing personnel matters. Our attorneys are coalition-builders because we work with all parties involved to ensure that a fair consensus is reached during such circumstances.


In its representation of public agencies for over a decade, Leal ▪ Trejo, APC, has significant experience in handling environmental matters and compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) as well as issues arising from the enforcement of Federal and State Superfund laws and from local laws dealing with contamination caused by leaking underground storage tanks. The Firm has expertise in the oversight and management of both district and project compliance regulations and has vast experience in the inter-agency dynamics that surround environmental compliance in California.


Attorneys from Leal ▪ Trejo, APC, possess the experience to aid the water districts with all facets of construction contracting and public works matters, including negotiating and drafting construction contracts for public entities, and the litigation of construction defect cases, as well as delay, disruption, and acceleration claims. We pride ourselves on possessing the insight and experience to handle the challenges of public entity construction projects. Moreover, our attorneys are experienced with all aspects of the competitive bid process for water district contracts.


The firm has extensive experience in the defense of governmental tort liability claims, including defending civil rights actions (42 U.S.C. (1983), personal injury defense, common carrier accident cases, and environmental tort defense.  Leal ▪ Trejo, APC, has a knowledgeable, experienced litigation team that handles all aspects of preparing cases for trial, particularly on behalf of public agencies.

Leal ▪ Trejo’s experience includes handling all phases of commercial and municipal litigation in both State and Federal courts. In addition, we have handled complex, multi-district litigation in the areas of banking, civil rights, construction, professional liability, insurance coverage, and employment and business disputes.

Our litigation team handles claims under the Tort Claims Act, provides advice on requests for information under the California Public Records Act, and counsels public entities regarding statutory and administrative regulations and procedures. Moreover, our litigation team is capable of preparing discovery and conducting investigations.


Leal ▪ Trejo has many years of experience in complex corporate and real estate transactions, including the sale and purchase of commercial properties, the negotiation and preparation of ground leases and franchise agreements, real estate leases and joint venture agreements, and the formation of corporations and limited liability companies.


Leal ▪ Trejo is affiliated with the Legislative Advocacy Group, a full service lobbying firm registered with the California Secretary of State. As such, we have a developed legislative advocacy practice with expertise in the representation of private and public entities including municipalities, healthcare providers, school districts, water districts, and regional and state agencies. Lobbying services include identifying legislative priorities and developing a persuasive advocacy plan; drafting proposed legislation; and preparing clients to present policy positions before various California Legislative Standing and Select Committees.