Joint Powers Authority

joint powers authority

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What is a Joint Power Authority?

A joint powers authority is an entity that is permitted under the law in certain states that allows two or more public agencies or authorities (e.g. governments, utility companies), to jointly exercise their power which is common to all of them.

Leal ▪ Trejo, APC, has extensive experience in representing Joint Power Authorities (JPAs). Our attorneys have a solid understanding of the pertinent law, characteristics and operations of Joint Power Authorities in California as well as the singular interrelationship between a Joint Power Authority and the members involved with it.  The experienced attorneys of Leal ▪ Trejo can assist Joint Power Authorities in a number of distinct areas.

Quite a few California Joint Power Authorities exist in order to pool the risk for their members. Our lawyers may be retained to represent their member public entities.  If there is an adverse judgment at trial, experienced appellate counsel is need for a Joint Power Authority, counsel that understands the particular needs of the member, in addition to understanding the importance and significance of other precedent-setting decisions on similar public entities. The attorneys of Leal▪ Trejo frequently represent public entities in high-profile appeals.

Our attorneys also work with risk management and claims services companies in order to provide risk avoidance planning as well as litigation management assistance.

Risk pool Joint Power Authorities usually have a memorandum of coverage or a coverage contract that describes the scope of the provided coverage.  When issues come up regarding the scope of the coverage, the attorneys of Leal Trejo will analyze the language of the relevant Memoranda of Coverage or Coverage Contracts. Our lawyers have a solid appreciation for the intent and purpose of public entity risk pooling.  Though such documents can resemble insurance in some ways, there are crucial differences that are not fully appreciated by other firms without the experience of Leal ▪ Trejo. Our attorneys represent risk pool Joint Power Authorities as well if they have disputes with insurers who might provide concurrent coverage, reinsurance or consecutive coverage.

With Joint Power Authorities being local public entities that are under California law, the experienced Joint Power Authority lawyers of Leal ▪ Trejo provide representation and advice with regard to their obligations under the Public Records Act (California freedom of information act), the Brown Act (open meeting law), the Political Reform Act and pursuant to the governing documents involved.

At Leal ▪ Trejo we feel honored to serve public entities throughout the state of California regarding their interests.