Legislative Advocacy Group – A Partnership for Excellence

legislative advocacy groupWe are a team with a history of bringing clients with results. We specialize in lobbying on behalf of local governments and school districts. We work effectively with State Legislators on legislative and budget matters and ensure funding is secured for projects. Our primary concern is to bring successful measurable results to all of our clients.

What are we about?

Legislative Advocacy Group is a full service lobbyist firm registered with the California Secretary of State. As such, we have developed legislative advocacy practice with expertise representing private and public entities such as municipalities, healthcare providers, school districts, water districts, and regional and state agencies. With extensive experience and a strong network of contacts, our firm works closely with State elected officials. We follow the State legislative and budgetary process to ensure our clients receive the necessary fun ding needed to start and complete projects.

Legislative Advocacy Group believes in integrity and provides the best professional business to all clients. We know our strong advocacy reputation has kept us in the business for many years.

Strategic Planning

Legislative Advocacy Group works with clients to get them where they need to go. We are result driven and understand that a strategic plan helps achieve goals. Our skilled team can analyze a situation and bring stability by creating a strategic plan and itemize the steps needed to implement and achieve results.

Issue Management

Legislative Advocacy Group works to guide each client with individual needs. Successful issues management requires a strategic approach that takes each client’s objectives and matches them with a realistic and unique action plan. Our team takes the time to develop a thorough understanding of your business goals.

We have a history of working on various issues such as transportation, urban parks, rezoning, brownfields, education and health care. Our team of experts understand the issues and work closely with clients to address your needs.

Practice Areas

Legislative Advocacy Group specializes in and has done work in the following areas:

  • Education – Work closely with local school districts to address school construction needs and ensure funding for school districts for before and after school programs
  • Land Use – Work closely with local government on rezoning issues to ensure that local government general plans are up to date
  • Redevelopment – Work with local governments to bring the best projects feasible for cities
  • Eminent Domain – Work closely to follow the legislative process to ensure updated information which may affect projects.
Lobbying Team Includes:

H. Francisco Leal: Principal
Jessica C. Shewmaker: Paralegal / Policy Analyst

Legislative Advocacy Group
3767 Worsham Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90808
Phone: (213) 629-9100
Fax: (213) 628-0818

LAG Contact

3767 Worsham Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90808
Phone: (213) 629-9100
Fax: (213) 628-0818